M1 GPS Vehicle Tracking System,gps tracker,AVL,Fleet mahagement

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M1 GPS Vehicle Tracking
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Key Features

It is an AVL (Automated Vehicle Locator),
also known as a GPS tracker, a GPRS tracker,
a vehicle tracker, or simply a tracker,
good for fleet management,
security or any purposes that may apply.

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1. Built with industrial standard material that can
sustain harsh environments like on a commercial vehicle.
2. High accuracy and fast GPS module from u-blox is employed.
3. Easy connection to the managing servers with a simple
standard protocol that still leaves room for expansion.
4. Built-in multiple I/O’s and a serial port bring more
possibilities for hardware expansion to serve various
5. With G-sensor as standard and extra built-in security
features,M1 takes vehicle/personnel security and locating
accuracy to the next level.

Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Hardware features:
    • All components are industrial standard compliant
    • U-blox LEA-4H GPS module is employed, sensitive, fast, and accurate
    • Quad-band GSM module, suitable most of countries of the world
    • Very wide operational voltage from 9 to 36V DC
    • Four digital inputs which are isolated with photo-couple devices to protect main board
    • Three digital outputs with open collector, for applications such as breaking ignition circuit or the electricity of fuel pump
    • One analog input that withstand up to 36V
    • RS232 interface port can be connected to printer, RFID reader, and LED or LCD display panel
    • 2MB flash memory is built-in the unit for storing up to 32,000 position information and events
    • Power cord and all outputs are protected by auto-recovery fuse individually
    • Power cord has an external fuse
    • Watchdog function has been built-in M1 for avoiding malfunction
    • One 1,100mAh backup battery is attached
    • Two-way voice communication and monitoring are possible
    • G-sensor is built-in the unit
  • Software features:
    • Real-time tracking
    • Event notification
    • Historical path data log
    • Log dump
    • Towing alert
    • Over speed alert
    • Accumulating journey distance
    • Geofencing
    • Update program on the air (OTA)
    • Forward commands and data capability to and from the RS232 port of unit
    • Immobilization
    • Remote control
    • Query location
    • Configuration with SMS or via GPRS
    • Open protocol for integration

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